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PART II. Stay-At-Home Mom survival guide: Health and Breastfeeding

Hello, it’s me again! I decided to add a part two and mention these important points.

It goes without saying that proper nutrition, exercise and rest are paramount to being a super star mom… especially if you are breastfeeding! Speaking from experience, if you’re not careful, you’ll feel like life is literally being drained out of you.

A thought came to mind that I think is definitely worth mentioning. Wherever you are in your breastfeeding journey, make sure to surround yourself with little or no stress. When I first started, I had a major stress factor that I couldn’t exactly get away from at the time and it was affecting the milk production. Once I was able to feel calmer, the milk eventually regulated and it was smooth sailing from there. Here we are almost 2 years later and yes I am still breastfeeding. (Sidenote, incase you’re wondering… he only gets milk before his nap and before going to bed at night.)

Moving on…


A balanced diet should be incorporated in everyones’ meals, adults and children alike. If Mama is breastfeeding, she should be staying well hydrated, too. I recommend soups! I mostly lived off of soups and water with limes, when I first had my son. And while it was getting a bit tiring to be eating the same thing everyday, I was thriving with BFing him. That was my priority.


Any form of physical movement is necessary. When my son was a baby, I wore him on my chest or put him in the stroller and went for walks. Now that hes walking, I walk with him as he explores the outdoors. Our dance parties are my favorite part of the day because I love dancing. Sometimes my husband gets home late from work but when he’s home at a decent time, I’ll leave and go for walks. Its good to have alone time too, btw.

Some people like to get their me-time in and go to the gym or YMCA where they usually have daycares. Others like to pull up a video on tv and get those bones moving in the livingroom. Stick to what you like so that it doesn’t feel like a chore.


Rest during your children’s naps and go to bed at a decent time. If its hard for you to fall asleep, get into the habit of doing the brain dumps I mentioned in part 1. This will help. I promise!

These can all be considered self-care which is important to fit into your schedule on a daily basis. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” If you’re not taking the time to regenerate you will burn out. Always find time for yourself.

All in all, its a full time job being a stay at home mom. Reach out to others for help and be easy on yourself. Remember why you chose to be home with your children. Enjoy the times because they won’t be small forever!

(NOTE: Please consult with your professionals, whether its a doctor, nutritionist or a lactation consultant with any questions or concerns.)


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