5 Intoxicating Fragrances Every Woman Should Own


Every woman knows that a good perfume can turn your entire mood around. Fruity scents can make you feel more adventurous and excited while floral scents can make you feel more sensual and calm. For some combining the perfect fragrance with an event or outfit is like science. Matching the right scent with the mood you want to evoke can be both exciting and fun. The perfect fragrance can even warm you up on the coldest winter days. Here are some of the top fragrances recommended by beauty experts and celebrities alike.

B by Balenciaga 

The first fragrance created by Balenciaga along with Alexander Wang. It has a very woody, sophisticated scent that smells of edamame and lily of the valley. Once you’re past the initial scent you will find heart of iris at the root and hints of cedarwood and ambrette seeds.

Mojave Ghost by Byredo Parfums

Named for its inspiration, the ghost flower that blooms in the Mojave Desert, Mojave Ghost combines the scents of the Jamaican nesberry, ambrette with a heart of violet, sandalwood and magnolia to create a delicious combination with an amber and cedarwood musk.

Knot by Bottega Veneta

Inspired by the Italian coast Knot has a light, airy scent. Packed with citrus and floral notes it contains the citrus scents clementine, lime, mandarin, orange blossom, and neroli. While using lavender, rose and peony to make up the floral scents and musk and tonka as a base.

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Once you get a whiff of the fragrance you won’t want to stop smelling it. An intoxicating blend of coffee, jasmine, orange blossom, pink pepper, and pear this perfume is undeniably feminine. With patchouli, vanilla and cedar making up its base you’re sure to be bombarded with people constantly asking what fragrance you are wearing.

Reveal by Calvin Klein

This woody fragrance has an edginess most likely due to the strong note of salt. Aiming to keep the scent as close to the natural scent of skin as possible Reveal is full of pink, white and black pepper. As well as ambergris, sandalwood, cashmeran woods, vetiver, iris and a base of musk.

If you want to make an arrival at your next big get together you should definitely think about investing in one of these fragrances. Not only will people notice you when you walk in they will remember you when you leave and all that’s left is the invigorating fragrance you walked in with.


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