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Beauty Trends That Need to Stay in 2015

We all know those trends that seem to take on a life of their own and then next thing you know you can’t turn the corner without seeing someone in a cropped tee or with a shaved head. That’s because people love trends. There are some who have created blogs solely dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends. With a new year in full swing it seems only right that a new set of trends come into place as well which means that some old fashion trends need to rest in peace. Here are a few fashion trends I know many people will be happy to say R.I.P to.

The Side-Shave 

Instead of doing something as drastic as shaving the side of your head just slick one side of your hair down with a non-flaky gel. You’ll instantly look more feminine and polished without having to completely change your hair.

Perfect Waves

Perfectly coifed waves are a thing of the past. Today it is all about natural, effortless looking waves. Think “I woke up like this” waves. Save yourself time and money by creating stylishly cool waves just by using your flat iron. No fancy curlers needed.


Thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashion and Naya Rivera 2014 was the year of the dramatic contour. In an effort to slim facial features many women spent hours applying layers of makeup in the perfect way to create subtle changes to their face. This year it’s all about subtle contouring which can achieve almost the same effect as traditional contouring but without the caked on appearance.

Super Huge Lashes

Wearing fake lashes is a guaranteed way to draw attention to your eyes but if you’re not careful you could end up looking more like an alien instead of a human. Trade in your long, spider-like eyelashes for more natural looking lashes. Your eyes will thank you.

Super Bronzed Skin

If your tan is starting to look less like a tan and more like an overdose on carrots you need to stop tanning immediately. This year it’s all about a more natural glow while still keeping your skin healthy and cancer free.

Eagle Talon Nails

If you don’t wear them yourself eagle talon nails can seem a bit intimidating. Celebrities like Rihanna and Katy Perry made them widely popular in 2014. In a turn for a more polished, feminine look natural shaped nails are slowly making a comeback for 2015.

The beauty world is all about new ways to do old techniques. While there are new and innovative beauty methods that are being developed daily these are just a few trends that need to stay in 2014.

Megan Williams
Megan Williams
Megan is a freelance writer who spends her days writing, her nights playing with her puppy and her weekends taking photos of everything.


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