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Have you ever wanted to write for prestigious publications such as Cosmopolitan? Womens Health? Redbook? People? 

Are you looking to gain reputation as a writer or publisher?

Are you looking to supplement your income or make money from home?

If you answered “Yes” to ANY of the above questions, then this opportunity may be for you, continue reading below:

In a world already heavily saturated with writers and editors, getting a foot in the door for any writing related field can be incredibly difficult. is offering authors, journalists, publishers, and editors a chance to be published on our website as a contributor. This opportunity provides valuable experience, exposure, and of course a share in the revenue! This is a PERFECT way to earn supplemental income while sitting at home.

Since was recently acquired by Lindsey Interactive we are looking to expand this online publication and we are going to share UP TO 50% of ALL revenue that is generated via the website with our publishers.

Contributors get a chance to write on topics/articles that will be shared with millions of women around the world, they get to choose which topics they write about, write on topics that are dear to them. Also, not only do our contributors get to choose which topics they write about for the main site, we also provide each of our contributors with their very own “Blog” or “Corner” per say. This  way they can engage directly with their fans, followers, and keep their readers up to date with things that are happening in their life!

Opportunity Description

Contributors will be responsible for producing content for daily, weekly, and monthly. Contributors can produce as much content as they would like, the workload is up to the contributor, and may be changed every month. A brief bio tailored by the contributor will appear at the end of each post. Exposure is one of the most valuable assets to an author, and only a handful of contributors will be allowed to take advantage of this opportunity. As such, those interested should apply immediately!

Earning Money

Each contributor will share in part of the website’s revenue as compensation for their work (up to 50% of total revenue share). The contributors will be rewarded based on the “Total Percentage” of contribution they make to the publication each month. Below is an explanation of the way the revenue is going to be shared:

We set aside 50% of the total revenue the site generate aside for revenue sharing. That 50% is then divided up between ALL contributors based on their total amount of contribution (in percentage form).

Payment for the entire month will be delivered no later than the 25th of the following month, and an earnings statement will be provided during the first week of that month. Finally, contributors who begin after the first week of a month will be paid for that month based on the percentage of time worked (prorated amount).

Any writer or editor seeking to gain a reputation in their field should inquire immediately as we are only going to be accepting a certain amount of contributors. reserves the right to suspend this opportunity or any guest blogger at any time.

*Disclaimer – Lindsey Industries, LLC recently acquired this publication, we want ALL writers/publishers/editors to assume there is ZERO ($0.00) currently in monthly revenue and want to ensure they understand that in order to grow the publication and increase the revenue it takes content.

Job Requirements
  • Publishers MUST have a good grasp on the English language
  • Publishers must have Skype/Facebook Messenger and be online often
  • Publishers MUST have an Email Address for communication
  • Publisher must be willing to get a 1099 at the end  of the year (if over $600 is earned)

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity then you can apply by filing out the form below:

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