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8 of the Hottest Male Celebrities of All Time

What can be said about eight incredibly attractive men that lead their lives the same as most? If you look over globe trotting and mind-boggling fame. They carry a prize. The award they received is of fame and beauty, and it is greatly coveted. So, what could you do with a list of the hottest male celebrities? With this talent, the creative possibilities are endless.

Bradly Cooper

Voted one of the most influential people in the world, Bradly Cooper is undoubtedly one of the 8 hottest male celebrities. Born January 5, 1975, Bradley Cooper grew up in Philadelphia. His father was a stockbroker, and his mother was a local NBC affiliate. Bradly has one older sister and no other siblings. He went a traditional route to Georgetown University and obtained an art degree.

Cooper started work as an actor by doing brief appearances in Sex and the City. His movie debut came in 2001 when he played in the comedy Wet Hot American Summer. This began a rash of comedy movies that include The Hangover, Wedding Crashers, and Yes Man. Later he received significant attention for his leading part in American Sniper. in 2018, Cooper directed his first movie, which was a remake of the 1937 musical, A Star is Born. Bradly Cooper is politically active and motivated by his art.  He attributes his success to his extroverted personality.

Chris Evans

The Captain America Star began his career in community theater. Born the son of a dentist in Boston, Massachusetts Chris Evans was one of four children. During college, Chris attended the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York. He took an internship and began acting on screen in 2000.

Chris walked a traditional path to his success and the payoff was huge for him. After several mediocre films, Evans co-starred in his first big feature, Not Another Teen Movie. The superstar solidified his name on the hottest male celebrity list when he embodied the Marvel superhero, Capitan America.  A role he reprised many times and nailed it in every movie.

Jason Momoa

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1979 to a pair of artists, Jason Mamoa is next on the list. Although he was born in sunny Hawaii, Jason was raised in Norwalk, Iowa. His mother raised him alone and never had any other children.

The actor began his career in the spotlight in 1998 when he was discovered by a modeling agent. The next year, he started working in film. Jason is most widely known for his role as Aquaman in 2018. The part launched his already impressive career into the stars, permanently.

Cole Sprouse

Riverdale star Cole Sprouse is the youngest on the list. Born August 4th, 1992 Cole and his twin got their start early at their grandmother’s recommendation. Jonine Wright, their grandmother, was a drama teacher and an actress, with an eye for talent.

Cole acted on set before he turned a year old. His earliest parts included spots in commercials and the television show Friends. He is also widely known for his role in the Disney show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. But in 2016, Sprouse was chosen for a more serious part, Jugghead Jones of Riverdale. Since then, this lifelong actor has seen an admiration that earns him a place as one of the hottest male celebrities. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

Alexander Skarsgard

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Alexander Skarsgard is the oldest of five siblings. His father is the famous actor Stellan Skarsgard and his mother, named My, is a doctor. He landed his first acting role when he was seven years old. He reached stardom when he was thirteen, which made him uncomfortable. So he quit for seven years, unknowing if he would return.

Eventually, he did return to acting. Though not until many years later after serving in the Swedish military and studying English. His acting career took off in 2001 and has not slowed since then. His striking Nordic looks make Alexander naturally one of the hottest male celebrities around. The masses agree because he was voted the Sexiest Man in Sweden five times.

Zac Efron

Born Zachary David Alexander Efron, Zac was born on October 18th, 1987. Zac’s parents are middle-class Americans. At the time of his birth, his father worked as an electrical engineer, and his mother was a secretary. Zac began acting in community theater and was quickly recommended to an agent.

Classically trained, Zac performs well in musicals. Efron’s early lead roles included all three Highschool musicals and Hairspray. Later a more distinguished, older, Efron made his appearance in Charlie St. Cloud. He came a long way from his days as a campy pretty boy. Zac is a serious actor recognized by Forbes magazine and is officially one of the hottest male celebrities of all time.

Brad Pitt

This would not be a list of the hottest male celebrities without Brad Pitt. Pitt was born December 18th, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He was the oldest of three younger siblings, in a middle-class family. A semester before completing his degree in journalism Brad Pitt landed in Los Angeles, California, where he pursued acting.

To supplement his income, he took odd jobs. His gigs included chicken suites, chauffeuring exotic dancers, and driving a delivery truck. Brad spent years in supportive roles, and some were uncredited. But in 1991, Brad Pitt attracted the broad audience that rocketed him to fame. He has won several awards, but his most honorable performances come from the extensive charity work he does.

George Clooney

You can’t mention one silver fox without the other, on a list of the hottest male celebrities of all time. Actor, journalist, and activist George Clooney was born on May 6th, 1961. George was raised in America’s breadbasket, and his parents were no strangers to the public eye. His mother was a public servant and beauty queen, and his father was an anchorman who worked in television. Clooney began his college career pursuing a journalism degree but never completed the credits. While becoming an actor George sold women’s shoes, stocked shelves, worked construction, and traveled selling insurance. George started acting in 1978 as a television extra.

After many years of success, George Clooney was the highest-paid actor between June 2017, and June 2018. He co-owns many production companies, but some of his best work is found in his humanitarian efforts. As part of a member of Not On Our Watch Project, George pools his recourses with other members to bring awareness to and stop massive global wrongdoings.

Not all of these actors are world humanitarians but their namesake, and fortunes, are influential. Most come from humble beginnings, but all of them have carved a path for their ambitions. Many iconic roles would not be the same without these great storytellers who play them so well. Perhaps, their narratives are a dose of courage for the next generation to come.


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