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What is the South Park Drinking Game?


All characters and events in this game–even those based on real people–are entirely fictional.

The following game contains coarse language and due to its content (and copious alcohol consumption) it should not be played by anyone.

The South Park Drinking Game

Many of us fondly remember drinking games from our college dorm days. There are card games, variations on board games, and sports-inspired games that fall under the category of drinking games. There is also a fun new category of drinking games that many of us did not know about in college: drinking games that are played in conjunction with watching our favorite tv shows! The irreverent risque humor of the popular adult animation show South Park has spawned a cult classic drinking game. Simply pour yourself your favorite cocktail, stream any episode of South Park, and you are ready to begin.

The Rules

Take One Drink If…

Different quantities of drinks are required for different elements of the show and storyline. Sometimes the catalyst for taking a drink will be a repeating theme within the plot, and sometimes it will be a catchphrase or musical cue that happens throughout the show. The parameters for taking one drink include every time each character in the list performs the stated action:

  • Chef says “Hello there, Children”.
  • Mr. Garrison’s sexuality is mentioned.
  • Cartman denies his weight issues or behaves rudely.
  • Mr. Mackey says “mmmkay”
  • Kenny Dies
  • A Canadian character has flatulence
  • Cartman calls Kyle’s mom “a bitch”
  • The bleep sound effect happens to cover a profanity.
  • A banjo sound accompanies a scene change.
  • Jimmy stutters
  • Craig gives someone the finger.
  • Butters gets grounded.
  • Stan tries to act as the voice of reason.
  • Every time Randy acts oblivious/ignorant.
  • Every time a celebrity is impersonated.

Take Two Drinks If…

The one drink scenarios are fun, but then we up the ante with two drink scenarios. There are some behaviors and scenarios that the creators of the South Park drinking game deemed worthy of two drinks. Many of these are exaggerated scenarios of the one drink rules. When playing the South Park drinking game it is customary to take two drinks whenever any of the following occurs:

  • Any time a Canadian character uses the word “buddy”.
  • Kenny dies in a way that references any way he dies prior to season 6.
  • Butters is grounded for something that was not his fault.
  • Kyle’s Judaism is mentioned in a group and Erik has an anti-Semitic reaction.
  • Every time Jimmy says “What a terrific audience” following a stuttering episode.
  • Every time Chef ask how the children are doing and the response is “bad”.

So there you have it. The perfect plan for whiling away an evening with sidesplittingly inappropriate comedy and the best drinking game you have played since college. In addition to these basic rules, there are also special challenge rounds for specific episodes or seasons as well as the full-length movie. Pour yourself something to drink, turn on the TV, and let the hilarity ensue.


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