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How to Incorporate Color into Your Wardrobe

Spring is on its way and it time to get ready. Soon the flowers will be blooming and people will start worrying about updating their style. Spring is a vibrant time of year. It is a time for trying something new. Many of us look longingly at the magazine models. We wish that we could achieve their seemingly effortless elegance. We wonder how they can pair that canary yellow purse with those sea foam blue shoes without looking foolish. If anyone is feeling a little confused about color, the Classy Housewife is here to help.

Add a Pop!

For all those who are color conscious, start small. Add a pop of color to a monochromatic outfit. The best way to add a color is through accessories. This is especially true for shoes and purses. Try an all black ensemble with candy apple red shoes or purse. The small bursts of color brought by the accessories will make a statement without becoming overwhelming. The best part of a homochromous outfit with a flashy pop of color is putting it together is really simple. Plus, the end result makes you look really polished. If your outfit looks a little dull, go ahead and add a little pop of color.

Keep it all in the Same Color family

Now that you’ve mastered adding colorful accessories, it’s time for something more challenging. Wearing outfits with varying shades of the same color is cool and contemporary. But, it can look dreadful if you don’t avoid clashing colors. To get the knack of putting together outfits with the same color, start with dressing up regular wash blue jeans with a navy top. Both, navy and blue jean blue look good on everyone. This makes it ideal training for color novices. Next, find some cute blue shoes and accessories. After you’ve mastered blue, try more exciting colors like red, yellow or maybe even orange.

Mix it up with Compliment and Opposites

The color wheel is your new best friend. Learn it well. Colors look their best when they are paired with colors that are either next to them or across from them on the color wheel. When colors are next to each other like red and orange or blue and green, they are called compliments.  When colors are opposite each other like red and green, they are called opposites. Both opposites and compliments look great when they are paired together. Once you get to mix and matching compliments and opposites, it’s time to experiment. Try your outfits on first and just have fun. Sometimes colors will go well together and sometimes they won’t. Just treat it like a game; as long as you like it, you win.

Spring is in the air and it’s time to add some color to our clothes. Whether you add a pop, keep it in the family or play compliments versus opposites, keep it classy.

By Melissa Cooke


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