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How To Store Seasonal Clothes Until Next Year

If you’re a bit of a fashionista, then the chances are you go through quite a few clothes from season to season. There’s always the temptation to simply throw old items of clothing away once they’re done with for their particular season, but this is likely to end up costing you rather a lot of money over the long run. It seems rather wasteful to simply get rid of clothes after a few months – and the good news is that you can store them until next year. You need to take care about how you store them, though. It’s not enough to just leave them hanging in the wardrobe, as they’re likely to have deteriorated noticeably by the time you come to fetch them out again. Here are a few suggestions you may wish to consider.

Before you store your clothes…

Before you put your clothes away in storage, you should ensure that you clean them thoroughly. If there are particles present on the clothing before it’s stored, this could leave indelible stains after a while and thereby damage the clothing. You can either wash it normally or take it to the dry cleaner’s for a professional clean. Whatever you choose to do, it’s well worth giving your clothing a good once over.

You can store your clothing in a variety of different containers, but plastic containers are perhaps most suited to the job. Nevertheless, you should ensure that they’re free of insect larvae before you pack your clothes away, as larvae could eat into your clothing and completely ruin it. You could choose to use cardboard boxes, but you should remember that they’re more susceptible to water damage, which could do serious damage to your clothes. If you do decide to use a cardboard box, make sure you use one that’s at least fairly new and line the container with acid-free tissue before you place your clothes in it.

Some people use mothballs when placing items in storage, but this may not be the best option when storing clothes. The chemicals in mothballs may be too harsh for your clothes, and the rather unpleasant mothball smell may linger. You may want to scatter some cedar chips or rosemary sachets around the container, just to help keep things fresh. Make sure that you fold or roll your garments before you store them, and ensure that the container is airtight.

What to avoid

You should also avoid hanging certain types of clothing – such as knitwear – up on hangers for too long, as this may leave it misshapen. If you do decide to hang your garments up, then try to make use of any extra hanging loops to reduce this effect. It’s also important to ensure that your clothes have sufficient breathing space, wherever you decide to store them. This should help to reduce the risk of mold or mildew, as well as preventing the clothes from becoming creased and wrinkled while being stored. It’s best to keep your clothing in a clean, cool, dark and dry space, so think carefully about where you leave it. These relatively simple steps should ensure that seasonal clothing retains its charm and allure, providing you with real value for money.


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