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It’s Not Retro, It’s Vintage! Bringing Back The Forgotten Times For Your Dream Wedding!

Vintage is back with a vengeance. It’s ironically au courant, fresh and different. Just like wine, it has aged gracefully and now in its prime, is back to take its spot. The allure and romance of all things vintage has increased by manifolds over time. Vintage simplicity is as celebrated as vintage sophistication. So, while planning for your wedding, why not hop on a journey into the time machine and bring retro back? It takes meticulous planning to get the details right. However, when the final look comes out the effort will be completely worth it. Here’s how you can celebrate your heritage in its complete glory –

The dress

It is your big day and you want to look your best. The beginning of a beautiful phase of your life should be in style. And the dress is going to play a major role in it. Decide what are you going to be – the rustic romantic or the bohemian bride! Whichever you pick, because the dress will take the center stage; make sure your keep goes with the entire theme. Going vintage provides many options you can choose from when it comes to dresses and you have many places you can take inspiration from. Ask your family and friends and you might find your “something blue” and “something borrowed” with a special personal history attached to them.

The décor

Wedding décor plays a major role when it comes to implementing the theme successfully. One of the innovative ideas is, instead of numbering the tables; name them on the lines of the famous couple of the bygone era like Johnny Cash and June Carter, Pierre and Marie Curie, John Adams and Abigail Adams, Sid and Nancy and so on. Choose a rustic paper for the invites and the seating plan. To go that extra mile, you can pin vintage brooches on your escort cards and place small trunks around the reception area too. These things will give a nice personal touch to the whole atmosphere and your guests will definitely notice your creativity and eye for detail.

The transportation

Apart from the two mentioned above, what could really add up to the whole vintage idea is the wedding transportation. You would be safe to start searching for the transport in advance so that you don’t face any pre wedding jitters and the logistics are taken care of. Make an appearance in style by opting for the antiquated yet favorite classic, a White Rolls Royce limousine. A Toronto wedding limousine will not only provide comfort, but also go along with your theme. Besides, can there be a better fashion statement?

The Guests

One of the most effective ways is to make the guests a part of the theme. On your invite, mention the wedding theme and include the addresses of vintage stores. This will not only make the guests feel involved, but also provide a chance to change things up a little bit. Pick out classic dance and party tracks from the era gone by and play them at the reception. The foot tapping music will make it hard for the guests to resist the dance floor. Besides, your parents and would be in laws will love the idea!

The ideas mentioned above are just some of the many ideas you can come up with. There is no limit to how far your imagination can go. Indulge yourself in the idea, for it is a beautiful amalgamation of the past and the future. You will be stepping into the future with your heritage celebrated and remembered. If that isn’t magical, what is?



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