So, here’s something that’ll raise your eyebrows. Close to 44% of Americans in 2016 admitted to dining at least once a week in fast food restaurants and a further 6% said that they ate fast food on a daily basis. While we may think we know all there is to know about healthy foods and nutritional meals that all the family can enjoy, this isn’t always the case. Nutritionists, supermarkets, and the media are always telling us about the foods we should and shouldn’t eat. Unfortunately, the information we receive isn’t always accurate. Foods that have earned bad reputations over the years, like cheese, potatoes and pizza, are actually quite healthy.

Sometimes, it can also be quite difficult to plan healthy meals that each member of the family enjoys eating and which meet the nutritional needs of everyone around the table. Growing children and teenagers need a different menu to middle-aged parents, for example. The emotional relationship we have with food can be yet another piece of the mealtime puzzle that makes it difficult to pull things together.

The Dangers of Supplements and Crash Diets

When trying to lose weight as quickly as possible, it’s tempting for moms with little time for exercise and for vulnerable teenagers who are worrying about how they look to buy into the promise of the newest crash diet or to embark on a supplement diet that ultimately does more harm than good. In fact, it was revealed a few years ago in an investigation led by the Food and Drug Administration that almost 60 lives were lost to liquid diets.

A Family of Wholesome Snackers

If it feels like too much of a logistical nightmare to try and plan wholesome meals for the whole family every night of the week, you could try tackling the issue from a different angle. You might want to try stocking up on healthy wholesome snacks instead. Swap the potato chips and cookies for almonds, hummus and dark chocolate.

Some of the Best Superfoods

Whether you’re able to cook wholesome meals every day of the week, or you’d rather stock up on wholesome snacks that everyone can munch on in-between meals, superfoods like quinoa should be top of the list. As well as being an awesome source of protein, this incredible little seed is packed with all nine essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce internally. You can make snack bars with it, buy pre-packed quinoa chips, use it as a side dish or make salads with it. You can even buy it as an inflated cereal option to serve at breakfast time.

Blueberries are another really great superfood option. They are packed with fiber and vitamin C, easy to just pop in your mouth as a snack and great as an alternative for a healthy evening dessert. If your family isn’t particularly fond of cereals or fruits, then try to incorporate salmon into your diet, at least every couple of weeks. This meaty fish is an excellent source of protein and an even better source of omega-3 fatty acids.

And if you happen to really hate cooking, or you’re just simply not very good at it, then turn to the fastest, easiest superfood on the planet: eggs. Hard boil them, pop them in the fridge and use them to whip up a quick potato salad at mealtimes or encourage the kids to just snack on them as they would snack on a pack of cookies. A wholesome diet for the whole family is possible.


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