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Fitness Tracking Websites to Help You Accomplish That New Year’s Resolution

With the new year off to a start many people are working on their New Year’s resolution to get rid of those stubborn extra pounds. If you’re like most people the only way you can stick to your New Year’s resolution is by continuously staying motivated. Whether it’s by having a friend do the workouts with you or by signing up for an online workout group they make it much easier to stick to your goals. If you don’t have anyone to workout with there are tons of fitness tracking websites that offer incentives to help keep you motivated and achieving your fitness goals. Here are just a few to get you started.


This fitness social network helps connect you with people who are trying to get fit and have similar interests as you. You can complete challenges and quests that will help you level up and you can earn badges to display on your profile showing off all your accomplishments. Invite your friends to join and you can make competitions between each other and track them using Fitocracy. You can also be connected to fitness and nutrition experts all over the world.

Daily Burn

Although this website is not free they do offer free trials for you to see just how amazing this fitness site is. They offer personalized fitness workouts from professional fitness trainers along with personalized meal plans that you can follow. It is the perfect alternative for those who would like to have a personal trainer but don’t have the budget for a personal trainer. The best thing is Daily Burn is available on your phone, laptop,computer, or whatever mobile device you have so you can take your workouts with you wherever you go.


Oobafit offers its users both nutrition and fitness plans along with general tracking abilities. You can choose between a paid membership or a free membership and play games that will have you interacting with other members. You will have access to full nutrition plans, fitness workouts and tons of free recipes. When you sign up you will also get a free health check to see where your physical fitness and health is at.



While it is great for people at any fitness level MyFitnessPal is mainly geared towards those trying to lose weight. It helps you track your calories and physical activities. With MyFitnessPal you will have access to a full food database with nutritional information on almost everything you can imagine. Their tracking systems helps you figure out how many calories you’ve consumed, how many you need to burn in order to achieve your goals, and how many calories you can burn doing certain activities.


SparkPeople is very similar to MyFitnessPal since it is more focused towards those trying to lose weight instead of maintaining their fitness. You are awarded points every time you login and track your nutrition, fitness, and weight loss goals. You can use those points to send gifts to friends on SparkPeople or you can purchase goodies for yourself and add them to your profile. SparkPeople is really all about the community and that is evident by their blog, success stories area, very active message boards and tons of free resources like articles and videos on fitness and nutrition.

If your friends are tired of you talking about your fitness all the time these fitness tracking websites are the perfect solution. Not only do you not have to worry about others being annoyed of your constant fitness talk you’ll meet people with great tips who will even encourage you to talk about your fitness more. So what are you waiting for? Get in the best shape you can this year with support from your fellow fitness lovers from all over the world.

Megan Williams
Megan Williams
Megan is a freelance writer who spends her days writing, her nights playing with her puppy and her weekends taking photos of everything.


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