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10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Happiness Permanently

Life can be busy, challenging and exhausting. When you feel overwhelmed by ongoing stress, it might be useful to have some knowledge on hand how to beat a bad mood.

1. Exercise

Exercising on a regular basis doesn’t only tone your body, but each workout reduces your stress level and improves your mood.

2. Be Grateful

Unhappy people tend to focus on problems, conflicts and all those little annoying incidents that happen in their daily routine. To remind yourself to cherish the positive factors in your life, keep a journal where you jot down three things you are grateful for. If you do this on a daily basis, your mind learns to focus on positive things. Besides, when you feel sad you just have to scan through your journal to be reminded of all those happy moments in your life.

3. Spend Time With Your Family and Friends

Have some quality time with the people you love, preferably offline. While scrolling through your social media channels keeps you up-to-date, it doesn’t give you the happy feeling like a nice cup of coffee with your beloved ones or a spontaneous visit at your friend’s house.

4. Go Outside

Nature and fresh air helps you to clear your mind from worries and to get new energy.

5. Eat Healthy

The key to both a healthy body and mind is natural and unprocessed food that nourishes your body with all essential vitamins and minerals.

6. Slow Down

You don’t have to accomplish everything today. Set your priorities and postpone or even get rid of some of the less important points of your to-do list. Ask yourself what you think needs to be done and what you want to do and, above all, don’t allow other people to judge you or your life by what you have achieved.

7. Be Kind

No matter how small your random act of kindness is, you’ll feel better and so will probably the recipient. Next time you have the chance say something nice to a friend, hold the door open for the stranger who walks into the building just behind you or smile at the cashier at your grocery store.

8. Volunteer

A survey conducted by UnitedHealth Group in 2013 researched the benefits of volunteering by interrogating people who volunteered at least 12 months. About 95% of people say that volunteering improves their mood and enriches their sense of purpose in life. 78% of people report that volunteering reduces their stress levels. Give it a try!

9. Love your job

You’ve probably heard it before: Neither money nor status will make you happy. So don’t choose your job by its reputation or by your paycheck. Do what you enjoy. If you hate to go to work each morning and you count the days, hours and minutes until next weekend, it might be the right time to rethink your professional life. Search for possibilities to improve the situation, talk to your co-workers and your boss and try to find a solution that works for you. You might even consider looking for another job.

10. Live Life By Your Own Rules

Don’t try to live up to somebody else’s expectations. It’s your own life. So, make your own choices, set your own priorities and forget about what colleagues, neighbors or even society expects from you.

These tips can help you to lead a happier life. However, the most important point is to listen to your heart. You are the one who knows best what makes you happy. Don’t fear to listen to your inner voice.


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