The Growing Thyroid Epidemic


Thyroid problems are at the top of today’s health concerns and for good reason. So many people are inexplicably developing Hypo- or Hyperthyroidism-related issues with their health. The thyroid is a vital part of your body responsible for many of its important functions from hormones all the way to heart, muscles and brain functions. That butterfly shaped organ in your neck serves a multitude of purposes even necessary for healthy digestion and metabolism. A well-functioning thyroid can be the difference between a happy, healthy individual and an extremely ill, miserable one.

  • Hyperthyroidism is basically overdrive. The thyroid is working too fast, too hard, making too much hormones and causing the body distress from its own strain. Hyperthyroidism is often linked to Graves disease, an autoimmune disorder. Hyperthyroidism is often associated with anxiety, over-perspiring, frequent changes in menstrual cycles, difficulty sleeping, fatigue and many other upsetting discomforts.
  • Hypothyroidism is due to a low functioning or ineffective thyroid, everything is working too slowly or not enough to sustain normalcy. Sometimes it is not working at all. Hypothyroidism similarly to Hyper- is also linked to an autoimmune disease, but this one is known as Hashimoto’s disease. The symptoms of Hypo- are not any less life-disturbing than those of Hyper- ranging from fatigue, hoarseness, muscle weakness, aches, impaired memory, brain fog, heightened sensitivity to cold, thinning hair and weight gain, which isn’t even the half of it.

Upon experiencing Hypothyroidism myself which makes physical activity feel impossible most days living with high level fatigue, aches and pains. The worst perhaps than the physical effects was the brain fog or memory loss. One minute your grocery shopping, everything is fine and then a steady wave of fog comes over you, you feel somewhat lost and unsure of what you were just doing. You nearly feel like passing out at times and sometimes have brief blackouts. Could you imagine yourself one day physically healthy and remembering everything, performing regular tasks like shopping and then something like this begins to happen to you? The brain fog was the worst, it was terrifying walking out into a store parking lot and not being able to remember where I parked. It was deleted completely from my memory. I couldn’t even remember coming there although I knew I drove.

Other Causes For Thyroid Disease

Aside from iodine deficiency that we briefly touched on in my last article (Caution On The Salt), genetics, viruses, inflammation and radiation exposure can contribute to or cause thyroid issues. Notably, but not highly discussed or considered from what I can see so far throughout my research, I also noticed the time frame of my thyroid issues occurring within months after having a tubal. This would stand to reason from my perspective because of the link to hormones your thyroid holds. This took place before the salt and I imagine it just compiled to make the problem worse until it hit me hard. Nodules and goiters are often the first physical sign other than the above symptoms. One day as you are running your hands down your neck washing in the shower you feel a round ball inside your neck. You look in the mirror and see one part of your neck is sticking out a little more This is likely a nodule. Some of these are harmless and never raise as endocrinologist’s concern, but if you notice one has developed, have it checked. While many are harmless they still need monitoring to ensure they do not become cancerous.

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