How to Make A New Year’s Resolution And Stick to It


With every New Year comes the opportunity to make changes that you wanted to make the previous year but either ran out of time or just forgot. But, with a little preparation you can make New Year’s resolutions that you can not only stick to, but one’s that are easily attainable. Here are a few ways to make 2015 be your best year.

Step 1. Reflect Over the Last Year 

Reflecting on any mistakes or mishaps that happened in the past year is a great place to start when determining what you want your New Year’s resolutions to be. What areas you could have done more in? What things you want to see change? This isn’t time to feel bad about yourself thinking about what you haven’t accomplished but a moment to determine what more you could be doing. Remember, mistakes are simply you figuring out the best way to do something and each new year is another change to get it right.

Step 2. Write It Down

Once you have thought about the previous year, write down the things you want to see change. You can use a to-do list, a planner or a calendar just make sure that it’s written down and placed somewhere you can see it often. A good place is to tape it to your bathroom mirror since you know you will visit that place at least a couple times a day. By seeing your thoughts and goals often it will reinforce the things you want to achieve every day.

Step 3. Spread Out Your Goals

Don’t do like most people and make a lot of goals you want to try and accomplish in January. You will quickly be burnt out by February and more likely to fall back into old habits. Make your goals attainable by spreading them out and trying to accomplish one or two a month. If you know your workload increases in January then give yourself one to accomplish and make it for it during a month when you know your workload isn’t too much.

Step 4. Take Baby Steps

If your goal is to write a novel don’t put down simply “write a novel”. Break it down into smaller increments like writing a certain number of pages every day. Big daunting tasks may make some people put them off longer because of how much effort will go into accomplishing them. If you know that all you need to do each day is write 4 or 5 pages you’re more likely to take the time and do it, making you that much closer to accomplishing your big goal.

Step 5. Team Up With Friends and/or Family

When you set goals for yourself and don’t tell anyone else then if you decide not to go to the gym today no one but you would notice. But, if you get involved with family and friends they will all act as a support team pushing you to go to the gym or whatever goal you set. Which will make you more likely to accomplish your goals. They could even push you to do more than the goals you set since everyone loves a good bit of friendly competition. Reach out and ask for support, it could end up being the bonding time you and your friends or family need.

Don’t set yourself up for failure in 2015 by vowing to make big changes that are extremely hard to keep. Instead, when you are making your New Year’s resolutions follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to setting goals that will stick.


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