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9 Games to Play at a Sleepover with your Kids

There are so many fun games to play at a sleepover! How do you know what games your kids want to play? We’re here to provide insider access to some favorite games that have stood the test of time.

Truth or Dare

This one is a classic game that kids have loved for countless years. Make sure you stay in the realm of fun and safe dares! You can make up a sheet or find one online that your kids can pull from. This way, you know they’re being safe and having fun!

Would you rather?

This is another fun game that’s a popular favorite. It really causes you to think about how you’d handle situations, and it lets you get to know your friends better! You can find questions online, or make up your own.

Blindfolded Makeovers

This game will be a blast! One girl can wear a blindfold while doing another girl’s makeup. This is a silly game that’s sure to produce lots of laughs. It may also make a mess, so watch out! You can buy cheap makeup and then let the girls begin their masterpieces.


This is a great game you can buy from Walmart or Target. Following the lines of Mafia, it gives everyone secret roles, and you have to put your lying skills to the test! The objective is to find out who the werewolf is. This is a wonderful game for a big group of people, and one of the great games to play at a sleepover.


This is an option for a board game, and it’s pretty aggravating! Try to make your way around the board into your home base. But lookout, you can also send people back to the beginning.


This is another super popular game. You get to experiment with lots of choices, such as who you’ll marry, what kind of pet you’ll have, and where you’ll live. It’s fun to play with lots of friends, and everyone can have a laugh looking at how their life will end up. Of the many games to play at a sleepover, this is definitely a favorite.


This is a game that’s pretty similar to hide and seek. Except, only one person hides and everyone else looks for them. As you find the hidden person, you hide with them, until there’s only person left! This is a great game to play outdoors.

Pillow Fight

This is a classic that you can’t beat. You can even put your own spin on it by putting blindfolds on. Use pillows that aren’t too rough, so that no one gets hurt! You could even add a game of tag into it to spice it up a little.


Have you ever seen the TV show? You can bring it to life! Find four ingredients from your pantry, and make everyone cook with them under a time limit. You can even do this with dessert ingredients, and then that will be your dessert for the evening. This is a fun way to get everyone cooking in the kitchen, and involves a friendly competition.

We hope you’re now prepared with games to play at a sleepover! Pick the one that seems the most fun, and have a great evening with your friends.


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