My Toddler’s Packing List



My son is spending the night with my grandparents tonight. I always have slightly mixed feelings about my munchkin spending the night away. I only let him spend the night with my grandparents and his godmother, so I don’t worry about whether or not he’ll be okay, because I trust who he’s with. Once he’s gone, though, I always miss him, but not enough to not let him go in the first place. While I do miss him when he’s gone, I’m excited for the break from him. Truly, though, I do typically worry a little about if I packed everything he needed. So, before I begin packing for him this morning, I decided to make a list. Maybe you could use the same list when packing for your toddler to spend the night somewhere else. 


The first thing I do when packing for B to spend the night somewhere is check the weather. It’s supposed to be 84 degrees tomorrow, but I’m paranoid that the weather will change drastically and be cold instead of hot. So I’ll pack two outfits, just in case:

  • T shirt and shorts, and jeans and a jacket.
  • Two pairs of socks, in case he runs outside and gets one pair wet.
  • Jammies
  • Underwear. He isn’t fully potty trained, but if my grandparents feel like helping him learn, then the underwear will be ready.

I think that takes care of all things clothing. Next, I think about food. Of course, they’ll feed him, but I still need to think about if there’s anything specific that he’ll need that they may not have. Aha! 


  • Sippy Cup

Okay, so that’s not actually food. It is food related, though, and he does need to take one with him.


He already has soap and shampoo there.

  • Baby lotion
  • Toothbrush
  • Pull ups and wipes


Kids oftentimes have something special that they just wouldn’t want to leave home overnight without. For my baby boy, that would be his stuffed giraffe, Rafi.

  • Rafi
  • Thermometer and tylenol
  • Bug spray. Mosquitoes are ridiculously attracted to my child. 

This list works for me when my son goes to my grandparents house because they already have a lot of things that he would need, like bath soap, toys, etc. If I had to pack for him to go somewhere that he didn’t have much there already, I would have to alter my list. This is just a starter list for all of you moms out there. Of course, you probably need to tailor it more to your child. Good luck!

While my son’s gone, I’ll have the chance to paint parts of his bedroom with glow in the dark paint. The plan is to do stars and a moon. Check in tomorrow to find out how it went!


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