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The Invisible List

The Housewife is a job all its own with long lists that we often just keep in our head and don’t even take the time to write down. Little things, normal errands, and big things all get piled onto this invisible list that only we can see. It’s a fast-paced race against the clock that goes unnoticed and often unappreciated. Housewife’s know the list well. They don’t stay at home watching TV and taking long naps all day as some may think. For those housewife’s with passions, dreams, and jobs, there is even less time. There is no time for naps or TV when you have a list of things that must be done everyday.

The List

  1. Get the kids up and ready for school.
  2. Breakfast and coffee ready before your spouse/husband wakes up.
  3. Grocery Shopping
  4. Dr. Appointments
  5. Picking up medications
  6. Job Appointments
  7. Scheduling the kids’ school and sporting events.
  8. Trying to schedule family vacations and family time.
  9. Make sure the laundry gets done for both sporting uniforms and everyday clothing items.
  10. Trying to go to the gym or even workout at home to stay in shape.
  11. Getting everything above done before the kids get home so you can help them with homework.
  12. Being a mom and playing with the kids after homework and then preparing dinner and getting the kids ready for bed.
  13. Trying to prepare for the next day, which sometimes means staying up late tonight.
  14. Trying to spend a bit of time with your husband/spouse, normally this is just long enough to eat together and then bedtime.
  15. None of this even mentioned trying to get the stuff done for yourself and try to live YOUR life!

The above list is a much shorter version of what housewife’s accomplish daily. In reality. The list is much longer, with as many as thirty or more tasks to check off, most of the time adding items as we go!

You Time

Somewhere in all this, nails have to be done for special occasions, time for date night must be made, and refueling has to take place. You do it all and still have to make time for being with your partner and recharging yourself. While everyone else might not see that list, you do. You need to appreciate yourself and make sure that during this busy time, you take time out for yourself!

So, take a break from it all, go have that coffee or cocktail, do something that’s just for you. Not only is it imperative, it has been well earned. We all need a break. Sip some relaxing chamomile tea or wine on your porch watching the birds, read a book, paint, or whatever you love to do. Do it for you, during this time that is set aside for you and no one else. This is a message that has been weighing on my mind as a housewife myself who conquers the invisible list daily. I’m a mother, wife, daughter, model, actress and writer. I want you to know how important taking a break for yourself is. We need to recharge the batteries to keep going!                                                                                                            

Jessica Jefferson
Jessica Jefferson
Jessy Jefferson is a married mother of three with a BA Majoring in Criminology and a Minor in Performing Arts Administrative. Having previously worked as a Paralegal Assistant she recently returned to Modeling and Acting. A woman driven and determined to succeed whether it be as a writer, FBI profiler or anything she does. She regularly integrates her many talents into her work as a model and actress, often acting as her own MUA and Stylist for photoshoots. Drawing, painting, writing and dance only name a few of the many gifts she has been blessed with. When she’s not busy creating she enjoys fitness, adventures to new places, and spending time with her family. Her plate is always full and she is rarely inactive unless she tries hard at it. Jessy Jefferson is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, model, actress and writer.


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