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Top (5) Most Popular Careers for Women

In today’s day and age, more and more women are finding that they are not in the professional place that longed to be in when they were in their younger years looking into their future years. In this article, you will read about the Top 5 Careers for Women and the money that these career choices bring in. From the Doctor’s office to the Board Room; women are finding their place in the working world.

Longing to Make Life Better: Following Your Dreams

Anymore, women are finding themselves wanting more out of life, professionally speaking. In a time where having a job, has become the ultimate goal, more and more women are realizing that they need to make something more of themselves in a career and not just another job; this is especially true when more women are finding themselves as a single parent with little to no financial help or support from their estranged husband or partner.

If you are one of these women, you are not alone and you can do more for yourself and your children. Finding what you longed to be when you were younger and remembering that, that was your dream. If you want to make life better, now is the time, better than any other time to follow your dreams.

Top 5 Careers for Women

The working world has come a long way over the years for women; especially those who had long since given up on their dream career. There are 5 Top Careers for Women that are making great strides. And here they are:

Career #1 – Physicians Assistant 

Are you the kind of woman that gets enjoyment and satisfaction out of treating and helping to diagnose patients but do not wish to have to face 6 years of medical school and the student debt that follows? Then being a Physician’s Assistant is the job you should consider. You will be performing the same examinations, administer the same tests, make the same diagnoses, and recommend courses of treatment as a Doctor would. This field is making great strides and is increasing with a 30 percent growth in this decade alone.

Career #2 – Physical Therapist 

The healthcare field is a growing trend. If you are the kind of person who wants a different option other than being a physician’s assistant, maybe being a Physical Therapist is better for you. This is another highly marketable and demanding career that women are finding more and more attractive; this is especially true for those baby boomers that want to fix their aches and pains without surgery and the use of medication. This career’s pay is very reasonable and it is expected to have a 39 percent increase in growth by the year 2020.

Career #3 – Interior Designer

As the housing market begins to make its comeback, decorating is preparing to have its own moment too. If you have the gift for it and you can network you booty off, there may be little to no need for any special schooling in this career choice. The best way to get into this career is to offer your gift to the first 10 clients for free; this way as you build up your clientele, you can keep your day job until such time when you can make being an interior designer you main career choice. This career choice has the potential of making $46,000.00 or more a year.

Career #4 – Group Personal Trainer

As fitness instructor, you can score some serious perks. From a flexible schedule and low stress to being able to live in those ever so comfy yoga pants that no one but a woman can understand the wonder of their attraction and getting paid to work out; it is a win, win, win situation. The average salary is in this career field is just $31,000 and it is a growing market that you will want to check out if working out and feeling good doing it is your game.

Career #5 – Market Research Analyst

Do you like trying to figure out what makes people tick? If so, becoming a market research analyst may be the career for you. The person in this career field helps companies to understand what products and services customers want most. As a market research analyst, you will organize focus groups, parsing through sales data, and develop strategic plans. The salary for this career runs around $61,000.00 and with a projected percent growth of 41 percent rate; making an additional 117,000 new jobs will be seen by the year 2020.

There is a lot for you to choose from by way of a career to better yourself and follow the dreams you once had so many years ago. Just because your circumstances may have diverted your path, does not mean you cannot find your path once again.


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