Are You Ready to Throw the Best Halloween Party Ever?


Three of every 10 Halloween celebrators give out treats per American tradition, but do you know which candy is most popular versus which varieties are met with less enthusiasm? Former favorites like Candy Corn and Smarties aren’t so sought after these days, while the Reese’s Cup is voted a fan-favorite. Along with candy, there are some other imperative components of a party that you’ll want to start planning ASAP for a successful celebration this year.

Choose a Theme

The first component of a successful party is the overall theme. Of course, ‘Halloween’ may seem obvious, but for a truly unique experience, you’ll want to dig a little deeper. You could go with something traditional, like a horror movie theme, but don’t feel limited to something spooky or scary. Think a little outside the box, like magic and mythical themes. With this one important aspect in place, you can then decide on suitable fall-themed items for decor, the menu, costumes, and more. By choosing your theme, you’re paving the way for all the other decisions to come. 

Select the Best Date 

While a theme is a huge part of the celebration, you’re next important decision should be when to have the shin-dig. After all, a party isn’t much fun if half the guests have conflicting schedules. Start early, and send out inquiries to survey when the best time and day for most people will be. Gather up this info, and narrow down the feasible dates/times until you finally settle on one that will suit things best. The more people that can come, the merrier. 

Plan Party Activities 

With the success of coordinating with many party guests so that lots of people can join in your festivities, you’ll want to provide some forms of entertainment. Of course, you don’t want things to be too rigidly planned; keep activities loosely planned and casual, but available. For example, don’t round up every guest for apple bobbing, but have it set up for people to enjoy as they like. A section for board games, a photo booth, and dance space are all good options to add some fun.

At the end of the day, the key to a winning party is the people you surround yourself with, and the memories you make. Whatever that looks like is all up to you. By getting started sooner rather than later, you can make sure things go smoothly, and that you include everyone that matters most to you.


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