As Valentine’s Day draws nearer, many women are growing excited at the possible gifts that their love has gotten them.The real question is, though, what have they gotten for their man? While there are a wide variety of gifts to give to a male loved one, many housewives stick with the traditional, classic gift: a tie. While ties are a simple, easy gift to give a boyfriend or husband, let’s be honest. A man can only have so many ties. Valentine’s Day is a special time to express love towards one another, so a thoughtful gift is in order.

Make Your Man Smell Good

One classic yet useful gift idea for that special man in your life is a gift set that includes cologne and body washes. Not only will he definitely use it, but you get to choose the scent that you prefer, making it a win-win situation. Gift sets are great for occasions such as these, and, for those on a budget, they are typically inexpensive.

It’s the Thought that Counts

Has your man mentioned anything that he wants recently? Maybe he’s commented on how interesting a new DVD seems, or his favorite author has published a new book. Sometimes, just in passing, men will mention something that they are interested in. Think back to previous conversations that you’ve had with your man. Just putting a little thought into that special gift could make your Valentine’s Day perfect.

Get Personal

Personalizing a Valentine’s Day gift will let your man know how special he is to you. Does he often use a planner or calendar? You can have his name or initials monogrammed on the cover. There are many stores that offer personalization, or you can simply order the personalized item online. Many items can be personalized, such as barware, clothing, or even pens.

Dress Him Up

While clothing as a gift is usually reserved for Christmas or birthdays, buying your man a new suede shirt can be a great gesture. Does your man have a favorite band or artist? No matter what genre of music he listens to, there is almost certainly a shirt or jacket featuring his favorite artist.

Think Electronics

If you suspect that your man is going to give you an expensive gift this Valentine’s Day, you may want to return the favor. You can’t go wrong with electronics. Is your man’s cell phone getting old? There are many new phones on the market that offer deals if you sign up for a plan. Does he play video games? If so, a new controller is always appreciated, especially if it is customized with his favorite game.

So Sweet

While candy is usually a traditional gift for women, many women forget that their man loves candy too! Try to find his favorite brand of chocolate or other sweets. You can never go wrong with a thoughtful gift from the heart, especially if it’s through his stomach!

From inexpensive gifts such as cologne to the more expensive gift of electronics, there is always that perfect item that will make your man’s face light up. It only takes a little bit of thought and creativity to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.


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