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10 Ways to Get a Guys Attention

Lots of women have a hard time discussing anything with someone of the opposite sex, let alone being able to get their attention. These women often feel as though they are just a piece of furniture in the room that these men are in. However, it does not have to be this way. Here are several pieces of relationship advice for women that can be used to help ensure that she gets the attention of a particular man she is interested in, and keeps this attention for as long as she wants.

1. Skin on Skin Contact

The idea of coming in contact with the guy you are trying to get is a no brainer for many women, yet there are still some who are afraid to do this. Keep in mind that skin to skin contact is nothing more than simply placing your hand onto his arm or putting a light hand on his shoulder. If you are still at a loss for how to do this, consider walking up beside him and putting your hand on his arm then start a conversation. Those women who do this are much more likely to be remembered by the guy since she did maintain contact with him.

2. Be Confident

There is nothing sexier than a woman who has confidence and does not feel intimidated by anything. Confidence can be hard for women to show since it can come off as being self-obsessed. However, a few key tips to be successful in this is to remember to smile. The more you smile, the more confident you appear. In addition, always have a strong voice. This does not mean that you should yell or talk loudly, instead, be assertive in what you say. Women that are confident are more appealing to mean since it shows that she knows what she wants.

3. Dress to Impress

When talking about clothes to gain the attention of men, it is important to point out that this does not mean dressing in skimpy clothing or the like. Instead, dress in what you feel more comfortable in, as you will find this can increase your confidence level. In addition, dress for your body style. If you are not someone who can pull off skinny jeans, then do not wear them. When wanting a man to notice, the better you look and feel in your clothes, the more likely they are to notice you and want to get to know you.

4. Be Modest

Though many women think the more cleavage they show or the tighter they wear their clothes, the more likely a man is to have an interest in them, this is not always the case. Most men love confident women, but also having some level of modesty is a great way to reel him in. When a woman is modest, she creates a sense of mystery around herself that a lot of men cannot resist. In order to achieve this feat, consider the way in which you talk or the way you dress. The whole idea is to be comfortable, yet leave him knowing that there is more to you than what he sees.

5. Eye Contact

This is where many women are challenged, as they do not feel comfortable looking a guy in the eye when they talk to him. However, this does not help to keep his attention nor does it make him want to get to know you. When people avoid eye contact, it can be a sign of weakness or that they are hiding something. This does not mean to stare at him all the time, but if he is talking to you or simply says ‘hi’, always look him in the eyes. It shows you have no fear, and this is a huge turn on to many men out there.

6. Be Near Him

If the guy you are interested in still has not taken notice, then be sure that you take the time to be near where he is. For example, if you go out to lunch with a group of friends, do not sit beside him, but be sure that you are within sight of him. Once you have mastered these other techniques such as eye contact, smiling and showing confidence, he will search for you. The idea is to be close but not too close. If you were to constantly sit with him or the like, you could ruin the chances of relationship before he even realizes who you are.

7. Arrange an Accident

This does not refer to a damaging accident, but it is a way for you to get into the guys radar, and appear innocent of doing this. For example, bump into him and then manage to drop your folder, purse or whatever you have on you. This is a great meet cue, and is one of the ways in which you can get the guy to take notice and pay you some attention.

8. Be Direct

If you want to talk to the guy, then talk to him. Push past those nerves and simply walk up to him and start up a conversation. However, this conversation is going to have to be more than asking the time of the day or something along this line. If you know he is into sports, then ask about a sports game. But remember, you do not want to appear as though you are fishing for a guy. You want this to feel natural and be something that you can actually talk about and get to know a little bit about one another.

9. Have Fun!

Though a lot of women are obsessed with finding the one that they will spend their life with, if you are serious about attracting the attention of a guy, you need to have fun and live your life. No guy wants to see a woman who has stopped everything in her life in order to catch his glance. In fact, these are the women who are often looked over by guys. Instead, live your life and have fun with it. Do not miss out on things simply because you are afraid of what he will think. Instead, do what you normally do and chances are he will notice you.

10. Be Fearless

Easier said than done, but those women who are fearless and do not seem to care about what other people think of them, are a huge turn on to men. Men enjoy a woman who is not obsessing about her body, nor is she constantly wondering what people think of her. It shows a fun spirit that most men are interested in getting to know better.

If you are serious about getting the attention of a certain guy in your life, then be sure to take the time to adjust how you are going about this. Through smiling, making eye contact, showing strong confidence yet also being modest, you can catch the attention of any guy. The more you apply these to your life, chances are you are going to find that guys are interested in getting to know the real you, rather than focusing on your body.


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