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6 Signs You’ve Found the One

1. You Don’t Need to be With Them All of the Time

While you love spending time with him, you’re comfortable going out with friends without him and staying in while he goes out with his friends.  You can take a girls only vacation without being anxious the entire time because you’re away from him. You can spend time together and be happy, and you can spend time alone or with others and still be happy. If you feel the need to be with him constantly, then it’s probably infatuation, insecurity, or some other unhealthy reason that you want to be glued to him, and not because he’s your soulmate.

2. Most of Your Close Friends Like Him

Your close friends know you well, and likely know what’s good for you, so if they hate your boyfriend, there’s likely a good reason. You should consider trusting their opinion. Do they dislike him because of something he’s done to you? The way that he acts? Evaluate if you believe they may be right, and if he’s really the one for you. If your friends love him, though, then he may be the one.

3. When You Have a Problem You Stick Together

If one of you loses your job, and you start thinking of what you can do to help the other one, then you may have found the one. If you start blaming each other for your problems, then you probably shouldn’t be together. You should be asking each other what you should both do to improve your circumstances, not whose fault the problem is.

4. You Communicate Well

When figuring something out,  you solve problems well together. When you’ve had a bad day, your partner listens to you vent and gives suggestions if appropriate. Most important, you argue well. You don’t resort to name calling or yelling. When you have a disagreement, you explain your sides and come to and come to an agreement or respectfully agree to disagree, all without getting genuinely mad at the other, or letting it affect your relationship after the argument.

5. You’re Proud of Each Other

You’re happy with each other’s choices, and don’t feel the need to “push” the other toward new choices. You’re content with your partner’s level of ambition in relation to yours and aren’t expecting them to go farther than they intend to go in life. You think your partner is great just the way they are, and don’t want to change them.

6. Your Morals and Goals Go Well Together

Your moral compass matches his, and you have similar goals or goals that work well together. If one of you thinks volunteer work is important and the other one thinks volunteer work is a waste of perfectly good television time, then you probably shouldn’t be together.  If you want kids and he doesn’t, the relationship is sure to have conflict later in life.


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