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First Date Outfits for Women: What Not to Wear On a First Date

It is a Friday afternoon; the day has finally come to decide what you are going to wear on your first date with that guy you have been eyeing at the local coffee shop. You know you want to wear something nice and make a good first impression, but what outfit will make that impression?

Before the Date

In your attempt to making a first good impression by what your date what your date will see, remember there are 3 fashion rules to follow. These rules are simple to remember and will never let you down.

1)      Be Sure to Know What You will be Doing

Anyone will tell you that the best think you do for yourself when deciding what to wear is to know what you will be doing and where you are going. Sometimes this is not always an option because all your date knows at the time of asking you out, that he wants to take you out to get to know you better. However, if you can, ask; you can always keep the question simple by asking him, “Will we be in a causal place or something a little dressier?” Chances are he has made the date venue something casual but not too causal; which will leave your choices that much easier to decide.

2)      Don’t be afraid to Show off Your Shape

Now this does not mean wearing something low-cut or going with the bondage dominatrix look. Depending on where you are going with or to meet your date, I suggest a great button down shirt, preferably a silk one, matched with a pencil skirt or a great pair of body hugging jeans. This will give them look of sexy and flirty without showing off the goods on the first date; you need to leave something left for his imagination ;o)

3)      Give your Outfit A Little Oomph

From head to toe, your date is going to be taking a mental note of everything; from how you carry yourself and what you are wearing to how your overall look appeals to him and if he wants to see you again. It is a sad but real truth that we all must face; we are often judge more from our looks than by what comes out of our months and how we express ourselves overall. With that, you want to make sure you present your look clean and kept.

Your hair and make-up is a part of this. To give your outfit a little oomph, pick the right hairstyle that will match your overall appearance and be sure your make-up is more on the natural looking side vs. anything different from this. After all, you do not want to look like Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons; who wants that?

Deciding What to Wear: 5 First Date Outfit Ideas

1)      Dinner and a Movie

The ol’ faithful first date, a date you can dress casually but with a touch of dress to it. From a nice dressy top paired with a great pair of jeans or comfortable slacks to a cute printed dress that can be dressed up and dressed down with great cardigan and platform shoes or simple flats to match. You cannot go wrong with one or the other.

2)      “Arcade” Fun and Dinner

Depending on where you live, there are places that adults can go and feel like a kid again; most popular of places known by many is Dave and Buster’s. While this may not be your choice for a first date, in some ways it can be if you let it; essentially you will see just what kind of sport your date is when he loses to a girl. Your outfit can match the atmosphere and the mood of the date by dressing yourself up in a great pair of jeans with a playful but modest top and a cute pair of flats or your favorite pair of Toms shoes; you will not only be comfortable but you will be better able to show your flirty, gaming side as well.

3)      Romantic Dinner and Walk on the Beach

This is the first date every women looks forward to; it gives her the chance to dress up and show her feminine side while soaking up the romance. Going from a great dinner to the beach means having a look that is versatile; something that shows your date that you are able to find joy in any setting as well as open to being spontaneous when the environment changes.

You can pair this first date with a great tea length dress. This will allow you to be dressed up for dinner and then dip your toes while walking with your date only the shore line of the beach.

4)      The Group Get Together

You might be surprised that not only are you being asked out but at the same time, your date is wants to introduce you to his friends. This date may involve dinner with friends or to watch a football game with his friends. In this setting, you can get away with being extra casual but you still want to present yourself in a flattering light.

For this date, you can pair some black leggings or yoga pants with a jersey representing the team you root for with a cute pair of Ugg Boots or a pair of athletic shoes. With this outfit, you will be comfy and cute while showing everyone that you are a fun girl with a laid-back way about you that just makes people like you overall.

5)      A Work Date

This may be unconventional but this is the kind of date that I am reading more and more about. This is a date in which your date has to attend an event that is being held by his employer and he wants you to make the night a little less boring while giving you a glimpse at his work life.

With this date, an out that is all business is called to order; but not too much business, you do not want to appear stiff and conservative. You can take a button up dress shirt and pair it with a skirt where the hem line meets at your knees but one that will also show off your curves; just because it is a business event for your date, does not mean you have to dress the part completely. Adding a touch of sex appeal will keep his attention a little diverted towards you and what could take place between you both in hours, days, and maybe even weeks to come.

A Final Word of Advice…

While your outfit presents your date with his first impression of you on your first date with him, the way you carry yourself is one of the important things that he will be looking at as you walk over to greet him at your meeting place or when you open the door and welcome him into your home. Your body language speaks louder than you think it does; you want to hold yourself up with confidence and an unconditional love for yourself. Showing him the opposite will only make him think twice about a second date.



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