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Get Started on the Right Foot – First Date Tips for Women

It has been a few years since you have been on a first date and you have not one clue as to know how to act, what to say, or even what to do because from your understanding ‘the rules’ have changed a bit since your last first date. So what should you know before your first, first date in a long time? In this article, you will read some first date tips for women that will help you have a successful and fun first date.

Getting back into the Dating Game: What Can you Expect?

There are a few things that you should expect; especially being a woman in today’s dating game. You can:

  • Make the First Move

You may be surprised by this but you can make the first move now. No longer are men ‘in charge’ of making the first move. It has become more and more the norm for women to ask men out, pay for the first date, and go in for the first kiss. Women these days are much more independent than the generations of our Mothers and Grandmothers. Now you can take the lead, ask for, and eventually get what you want.

  • Have It All

In today’s time, it is something foreign for women to not ‘have it all’. With the great strides that women have made to have financial independence, careers that offer them the success that was once only given to men, and a growing equality. Women have the say so in what they do and how much they do all while dating the ‘man of their dreams’. There is no end to what you want and what you can have.

  • Rely on Technology

It is so amazing to me, how any of us ever got along without the technology that we use today. The advancements that technology has made in the world as we know and continues to do so has made life so much easier for everyone but it has also changed the way we connect to and communicate with the people in our lives as well as the people we meet.

On your date, take a reminder of the days gone by before cell phones became our lifeline and turn off your phone; be in the moment  and get to know who you are with it could make a difference that you may not get again.

  • Meet, Greet, and Mingle Online

Online dating and other social media networks did not exist back in the day and meeting people was a lot different then; the traditional hot spots and work environments often offered those potential dates that people looked for. With the invention of and the changes that it has seen internet dating, many are now taking the opportunity to see what is out there but without the need to go out there. Online dating allows you to meet people in your neighboring cities with the sense of having the added benefit to “prescreen” the person or people you are planning to meet; this is especially true for those who have a level of apprehension.

  • Turning of the your “Clock”

As people meet and are getting married later on in their life, often families are being started later as well; this is not an uncommon thing for both men and women because more often than not many of them want to complete their life goals before settling down altogether. This may not be the plan you had depending on your circumstance but when you really think about it, by the time you do get to that point of marriage and family, you know yourself even more because as you age yourself better and have a defined knowledge of the goals and priorities of your life.

First Date Tips for Women: Making your Date a Successful and Fun Date from Start to Finish

First date tips for women will come from all over; from friends and family to online forums and much more.

1. Relax and Remember to Breathe

Whatever you do, do not put any pressure on yourself; do not worry about thinking about being witty or even smart enough. You are who you are and if he wants to date you, he will accept you for you and not expect anything different.

2. Dress Comfortable but Smart

While you first impression is what matters most, so your does comfort. You want to pick out an outfit that makes you feel good, look good but does not reveal too much, matches the activity you will be doing while on your date and, above all is age-appropriate; you want to think very hard about how your clothes will represent you.

3. Show a Level of Respect

What does this mean? It means a few different things. From showing up in a timely manner and being polite to everyone around you, most important the waiter/waitress, to giving your date your attention and only your attention; regardless of where it goes, by showing a level of respect you show that you respect yourself as well. This is probably the most important tip of all the first date tips for women that anyone woman can take to heart.

4. Build and Set the Boundaries

When it comes to first dates, it is easy to get wrapped up in a new possibility. It is because of this that you want to be careful in sharing too much information on a first date; understand and realize that you have to build and set the boundaries. Be clear and concise on how you want things to go if there is talks about more dates for in the future; this is especially true about the physical aspects of a relationship.

Discovering a new relationship is one of the most fun things about going out on a date; even if it does not go as far as friendship, you still have someone new in your life to get to know and you can never have too many friends. With these first date tips for women, you can be sure to better yourself as a person and a potential mate to the next man you meet and go out with.


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