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Planning The Perfect Romantic Dinner At Home

You don’t need to spend a lot of money going to a fancy restaurant to have a romantic dinner. It is possible to create an atmosphere of romance right in your own home. There are some useful tips to help you create the perfect romantic evening.

Create a Special Place to Dine

You want to create an area for dining that is different than where you normally eat. If your home only has one dining area, you can alter the appearance of the table by adding a decorative tablecloth with a centerpiece. Flowers always enhance a romantic atmosphere so you might want to consider using some fresh cut flowers from your own garden to create the centerpiece. Be sure to dust the furniture and vacuum or mop the floors.

A Romantic Dinner

The food you choose to prepare should be chosen to keep the romantic feel you are trying to acheive. While a lot of articles might indicate the use of exotic foods such as oysters, you really want to make a dinner you both will enjoy eating. Unless you both enjoy eating oysters, it is best not to experiment with new dishes for this meal. You can even enhance the evening meal with a custom designed menu placed upon each plate.

Planning a Romantic Dinner – Don’t Forget the Candles

There is no question as to what type of lighting sets the mood for a romantic evening. Candles are by far the lighting of choice because of the soft glow they emit. You can choose to use long tapers on your dinner table to create a mellow ambiance for the meal itself. Candles can also be placed on a buffet or sideboard to enhance the atmosphere. Placing scented candles in the entryway of your home will help set the mood for the evening when your date arrives. You can also use smaller tea lights or the larger pillars to set the mood for after dinner activities in another room.

After Dinner Activities

To make your evening a success you want to plan the activities you will do after your romantic dinner is finished. You could choose to have a series of music selections handy for a relaxed evening in front of the fireplace. You could also have an after dinner beverage on hand to serve when you transition from the dining area to the living room.

Alternative activities to plan for a romantic evening include watching movies or playing board games. When selecting movies, you want to keep in mind the genres you both like watching. The easiest way to kill the romance is to play a movie the other person does not enjoy. Board games can be a great way to break the ice with someone you are just starting to know. The key is to keep the game selection fun and interesting without making it too competitive.

Stay Relaxed

Your date will pick up on the mood you have during the evening so you want to make sure you remain relaxed. The best way to avoid stressing out during the evening is to plan ahead for everything you need. This includes the food you will serve, the decorations you use, the entertainment for after dinner and the clothes you will wear. Being well prepared for your evening will allow you to enjoy it more.


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