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Take Notes Men – 5 Things Women want in a Relationship

There are many men in this world that have the seemingly unanswered question, “What do women want in a Relationship?” always on their lips. We, as women, know that we are complex creatures and have been since the dawn of time BUT we are not so complex that you, as men, cannot figure out the basics of “what women want in a relationship”. What you seem to lack is the knowledge and clear understanding that, while we may not be on the same sheet of music we can, with some practice, play the same tune.

We’re not from Venus and you all are not from Mars

Ok, so women are different but this doesn’t mean we are all the big of a mystery that men more often than not make us to be; and I have plenty of proof. When asked, many of the women that were polled said they wanted 5 of the simplest things of what women want in a relationship; you guys will be very surprised at just how simple. Don’t believe me? Just keep reading, you will soon learn that it really is just that simple.

The List: 5 of the Simplest things We are Asking for

1. Show and Speak Respect

What do we mean by this? Women want men to show us through their actions that match their words, that you can and do respect our thoughts/opinions, jobs, interests/hobbies, friends/families, and our physical/mental well-being. While you don’t have to agree everything that we say or do, we want you to try and honor our words and actions as a valuable contribution to the relationship. Remember the 4 B’s; Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Fair, and Be Considerate. Actions speak louder than words. This also goes with being open in your communications with us and taking an interest in our lives. It really isn’t has hard as some of you can make it out to be.

2. Let’s Talk About Sex

We love sex, don not get us wrong but you have to remember that we are “creatures” who want to take our time; think of us as a car, we need to be warmed up before we go from 0 to 60. We like to enjoy ourselves in the bedroom as well as take the time to please you as well. To get the most for yourself and to give the most of yourself to your lady, try taking the time to enjoy the ride instead of being so intent on getting to the end of your trip; trust and believe us when we all say this, we will thank and praise you for it!

3. Remember the Romance

Routine is easy to get use to and easy to predict but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little romance into the mix. What does this mean? It is so simple; by lighting a few candles, you can make any night a special night. Who knows where the night will lead you and your lady? The wooing doesn’t end just because you have us. Making regular date nights, pretending to be teens all over again and make out in the car, kiss us like the first time every time; keeping us falling more and more in love you, never to have a need to reminisce about any first times again. Oh! And don’t forget the flowers! It’s the little things that matter the most in life; especially us ladies’ lives.

4. Quality of Time vs. Quantity of Time

One that men don’t seem to understand about us women is the fact that we know and understand that our relationships with you guys will not always come with roses and gifts; but with taking and making the time for us and to be with us by giving the top slot of your list of priorities once in a while, means more to us than anything you can ever buy for us. This also includes doing the little things that make our lives a little easier like folding the freshly laundered towels that were washed late the night before but your lady was too tired to fold them and put them away; whatever it is, it will make us love you even more. This is probably the easiest things that you can fulfill from this list of what women want in a relationship.

5. Bring Laughter and Be Humble

It may seem corny with some common sense in the mix but women truly do want and care about a man who is able to laugh and be humble. Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive; it’s just that easy.

I’m no math major, but I believe ‘victory’ will be yours men! Give this list a try, because this is truely what women want in a relationship.


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