Two Retreats for Couples here in The United States


With the hustle and bustle of life always getting in the way, it is more important than ever for couples to carve out some alone time with each other, which is why we have found two retreats for couples here in The United States. It is so easy to get lost in the day to day routine of child care, elder care, work, and maintaining the home, or whatever else you have going on in life. One great way to optimize on time with your significant other is to take some time away from your routine and your home to reconnect with each other. By removing the chores and errands from your routine for a few days, I think you will find you truly reconnect with your other half.

Vacations Vs Retreats

We all enjoy a good vacation, but what if you could take a trip that actually made your marriage or relationship better and stronger? No one is perfect, and relationships are a lot of work. Although many people feel a stigma about asking for professional help or advice on their relationship, it is beneficial 100% of the time. Self work and therapy has never hurt anyone, and will benefit the individuals within the couple as well as the overall relationship. Besides, every one of us alive is a work in progress. To claim there is no more work to be done on oneself and one’s relationship would be arrogant and foolhardy.

Best Options

Here are two of the most highly rated retreats for couples in the contiguous United States. I tried to include retreats from each coast in order to accommodate couples living across the country. The programs vary slightly, so choose the one that sounds best for you and makes you feel the most comfortable. All are organized and planned by trained therapists or marriage counselors.

Colorado Marriage Retreats-

This retreat is based on a system of first identifying the problem(s) you are facing, then developing new skills in the realm of both intimacy and communication to resolve your issues in a new way. This is especially helpful for couples where one or both parties may have trust or communication issues, or a combination of the two. Relearning intimacy, trust, and communication can go a long way in how we talk about our issues in a marriage, but perhaps more importantly, how we listen. A primary complaint almost all couples have about their partner is that they do not feel heard or understood when they express their needs.

MarriageQuest of Cabot, Vermont-

MarriageQuest is unique from other couples retreats in that they tailor each program to the specific couple they are assisting. All therapy is one on one with two trained Psychiatrists as well as a sex therapist. MarriageQuest is unique in that they also offer divorce counseling on their retreats. In the event that there are insurmountable difficulties and you can not make it work, this is a healthy option to keep your separation amiable.

Regardless of where you attend your retreat, know that you are doing the best thing for yourself, as well as your marriage when you look into any retreats for couples.


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