5 Myths About Sex


From teen years, to adulthood, we often here tons of so-called “facts” about sex and relationships. I remember when an older friend of mine told me about what sex actually was, I said “EWWWW NO IT IS NOT! I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” While what she told me was actually 100% true, I have also been told a lot of things that were 100% not.
Here are 5 myths about sex.

1. “You can not get pregnant while on your period”

While it is fairly uncommon, it IS possible to get pregnant if you have sex during your period. Sperm can live inside your uterus for up to 5 days. So even if you are menstruating, if you release an egg in those 5 days, you have a chance of getting pregnant. Stay on the safe side if you are avoiding pregnancy and use contraception even while menstruating.

2. “Peeing or using douche after sex can help prevent pregnancy”

When sperm enters the vagina, it travels into the cervix, and then to the uterus. Urine is released through the urethra, not the vaginal opening, which means that your urine would not even come into contact with any sperm. Douche on the other hand, will come into contact with the sperm, but basic physics would show us that the force of the douche would not simply wash the sperm away. Instead, it could push the sperm further into the vagina or cervix, and ultimately, help sperm reach their destination faster. Resulting in an increased risk of pregnancy.

3. ” You can not get an STI or STD through oral sex”

Not all STI’s are transmitted through oral sex, but some ARE. For example, if your partner had a cold sore, oral herpes, and they performed oral sex on you, you could be transmitted with herpes on your genital area, genital herpes.

4. “You can not get pregnant from “pre-cum”

This one is twofold. What we call pre-cum, is usually just a natural lubricant. While there is a chance that it can contain sperm, especially if the man had recently ejaculated, in most cases it is just lubrication. It is not very likely for a woman to become pregnant from this alone. However, this natural lubricant can carry STD’s, so again, contraception is always the safest option.

5. “Semen dies the second it hits oxygen”

Semen will die when it becomes “dried out” which can be a fast process if it is on a dry surface and exposed to the air. Not instant, but fast. However, if sperm is in a warm place with moisture, like a human body, it can survive for several days. Resulting in a pregnancy nearly a week after sex.

To sum up, if you are avoiding pregnancy, it is always best to use some form of birth control, and no matter what it is always safest to use a condom. No matter what your age, please be safe. On the other hand, whether you are trying to get pregnant, or trying NOT to, here is a bonus fact to help you girls out. Use a period tracking app, or just track your cycles yourself, to find out when you are ovulating and when the best times to “try” or to stay away from sex are. These apps will tell you when your most fertile days are coming, so you can make the most of your cycle.   



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