The P-Shot: Rising to New Heights!

A Natural Approach to Male Sexual Rejuvenation


The P-Shot: Rising to New Heights!

Let’s face it, erectile dysfunction (ED) is no longer just another casualty of growing older. When it comes to coitus, approximately 30 million men in the U.S. have no “get up and go.” In fact, not only has the number of reported cases of ED skyrocketed in recent decades, studies have shown that one in every four new patients is under 40!

This is a major blow to manhood as we know it. Guys tend to view their erectile dysfunction as an embarrassment, albeit, effective treatment options are available. Media has bombarded us with all those cheerful ads that promise a restored sex life with meds like Viagra or Cialis. But both drugs are a quick fix that comes with many potential side effects.

Dr. Runels’ P-Shot Raises Heads

One of the famous Vampire procedures created by Dr. Charles Runels, the Priapus Shot (aka P-Shot) is a safe and natural approach to sexual rejuvenation. All that is needed to get the penis back in business is the patient’s own blood. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains potent growth factors. PRP is separated from whole blood and used routinely in regenerative medicine due to its amazing ability to repair and regrow damaged tissues. When the PRP is injected into sexual organs, game ON!   The P-Shot is a radical new ED treatment that can enhance penis size and boost sexual performance.

Flavia Thornson, RN, offers several Vampire procedures at Avalon Medical Spa and has achieved much success. When discussing the P-Shot, Thornson stated, “these treatments really work and it’s unbelievable!!!”

She also added, “it does not hurt and results last for about 12-18 months. There are no contraindications and you can do it as often as you want.”

Deny, Resign and Deprive…or Seek Treatment?

Many factors can impact male sexual function at any age including diabetes, side effects of medication, prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate, or prior surgery. The results can be debilitating and potentially fatal relationship-wise if the situation isn’t handled well. Male impotence can impact the mental health of both sexual partners. Women may feel guilt, anger and partially to blame, leading to resentment and low self-esteem.

Life with Sexual Intimacy

ED is a physical condition that can have dire emotional and psychological consequences as well. PRP therapy with the P-Shot is an all-natural remedy that is proven to effectively treat impotence. Platelet-rich plasma can be used on its own, or in conjunction with another ED treatment. Runels’ P-Shot stimulates the body’s natural repair process in an effort to help rebuild collagen and generate new blood vessels in the penis. Potential results of the P-Shot, include:

  • A stronger, larger and straighter penis (minus drugs or surgery)
  • Increased circulation
  • Increased sexual sensation
  • More stamina
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Enhanced pleasure during sex
  • Improves prostate discomfort
  • …and so, on

Most men report no discomfort during the procedure. In fact, men describe a feeling akin to a bit of pressure or a mild pinch. Typically, there are no side effects and no need for downtime.

Flavia also stated, ” someone who is a bad diabetic and severely overweight and has not been able to get an erection in 10 years should not expect a miracle from the P-Shot.”

So, for the chance that your partner may have firmer erections, a possible increase in length and girth (by as much as 20 percent!), increased pleasure and stamina, and most of all, a more intimate physical relationship with you, do you think the $1,900 price tag is worth it?

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  1. The P-shot really does work. It is a quick, comfortable, in office procedure that does not require any down time. PRP starts to work in approximately 3 weeks and continues to improve over the next 3 months. Results last 12-18 months, however, many patients will repeat the procedure to further enhance the results. Patients often report that they are noticing improvement even before the 3 week mark.


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