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Home Techology Smart Technology Continues To Transform The Modern Home

Smart Technology Continues To Transform The Modern Home

Smart technology took some time to get going, but now appears to be have made its nest in the modern family home. Up to 57% of homeowners are convinced by smart tech and are actively seeking to integrate it in their own, according to a study presented at the July 2018 Penang tech conference. Even more interestingly, scientists found in the same study that many homeowners are doing it as a status symbol.

If a smart home is a desirable one, then it makes sense to stay up to date. With the market now present, global companies are looking to find the next golden goose technology or the niche to improve homes and save consumer time. Some of the latest finds by researchers could transform your home.

Bringing ambiance to the homeowner

A unique aspect of smart technology is its ability to bring flexible change to the home. Interior design trends work in cycles, and it would be great if homeowners could update their home to a new and better design on a regular basis. Smart technology allows you to do this. Increasingly, manufacturers are providing the capability of their devices to link up, whether through Wi-Fi or through other mediums. This can be through televisions that match the room to what’s on, or devices that emit light in key with a preset preference. More interestingly, research conducted by LED engineers has created entirely smart lighting. This can detect occupancy and adjust both the number and intensity of lights to match, saving the homeowner in electricity bills and creating a warm home environment.

Security through surveillance

Home video security is already a common feature in the American home; 17% of homes use cameras. Artificial intelligence is set to become a big player on this front as 2019 rears around. Manufacturers have developed systems that allow cameras across a street to connect and provide a whole-picture view of that street, such as an out of place car or unknown person in the neighborhood. Ultimately, this will be able to alert police in the same way an alarm does. This will provide security and better responses to burglary for the homeowner.

Making day-to-day life easier

The end goal of a smart home is automation, so that the homeowner can have a more straightforward day without having to deal with day-to-day aspects of home life. Smart technology is set to take this to another level in 2019. According to the IHS, 2019 will see a greater use of display and voice activation in the home, creating the opportunity for homeowners to use their house without physical impetus. This will extend to facial recognition, which will allow something as basic as turning the burglar alarm off to happen automatically; to remembering coffee preferences based on a face with smart kitchen appliances.

Embracing the smart home will take some doing. Once engaged with, it will make your day to day life earlier. The most important technology trends are all leaning towards making the home even more relaxed and comfortable, while easing your day.


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